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Soil & Water Conservation

Soil & Water Conservation

This is one of the top most concern sectors of the organization. A vast majority of rural population entirely depend on soil and water for food security not only for themselves but for entire living beings. The rapid erosion, climate change, undulating land, runoff water, use of chemicals, deforestation and absence of conservation measures are various factors for poor yield and food insecurity.

The organization dedicates a significant part of its intervention efforts on developing soil and water management through ridge to valley approach. Programmes comprise of enhancing productivity in agriculture; diversifying into new crops; setting up irrigation systems; and instituting entirely new ways of managing the natural resource base

Mechanical Measures of Soil and Water Conservation

    Contour Bund

    Demarcating Contour Line

    Graded Bund

    Bench terracing

    Contour Trench

    Refilling of Contour Trench

    Gully Plug

    Check Dam

    Earthen Check Dam

    Gabion Dam

    Earthen Farm Bund

    Construction of Pond

    Deepening of Pond

    5% model (Farm Pond)

    30-40 models

    Channel Diversion